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Welcome my dear students, to the Institute of Communications and Journalism, to plunge into the ocean of media training activities and to transforming yourself into world class journalists catering to the needs of the society. The Press is the fourth estate of Democracy and it is the true friend of positive citizens and the real enemy to evil citizens. With the help and patronage of our practical oriented coaching and well designed scheme and syllabi you can transform into the eyes and ears of the society through our PG Course M C J.Our mission is 100% success in profession and 100% placement, which so far we were able to achieve; our students dominate key roles in Kerala press, also have significant representation in Indian media and MNCs.


Founded in 1995 under Mahatma Gandhi University as the the flagship department to cater to the needs of the media world in the latest and in a unique style, so far we have succeeded in our vision with great satisfaction.


Dr. Ligimol Babychen