Home Activities

1. Vartha

On the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi University's Youth Festivals Conducted in various centers, Vartha is brought out in its printed format by covering the inaugural functions with its photos very prestigiously within one hour of the function and thousands of copies are printed and distributed in and around the venue towns from the very inception of the Department. Furthermore, it covers and carries out the 24 x 7 happenings of the youth festivals on all the days of the events with eye-catching news and photos from all the different stages in online. The newspapers and channels have brought out special coverage for this unique venture of journalism students regularly. Here after, we are going to publish the Vartha in a special Printed format with a professional touch instead of the existing system, due to technical reasons.

2. Seminars and Discussions

Seminars are mandatory for this course. Each seminar turns out in to brain storming session with the active support of the faculty.

3. Video Production

To equip the students with the ever expanding opportunities in the visual media, a short term training session in video production is offered. This workshop includes training in videography, production, script writing, editing, dubbing, mixing and compeering with the supervision of external Experts. The students as part of their curriculum are bound to produce a five minutes film on their own after completion of the training.

4. Radio Production

As part of the curriculum, the students are given training in radio programming including news and interview.

5. Internship

As part of the curriculum the Department facilitates a short term internship programme in association with various media houses or P.R Organisations.

6. The Library

The Department has a well stocked library with titles listed from the very recent catalogues. All newspapers and magazines are available in this part of the state get accommodated in the library.

7. The placements

The Department has highest intake of students by the media. All the 13 students who appeared for the National Eligibility Test (NET) by the UGC for the first time (1998 ) from this department qualified the exam setting a national record. The story is getting repeated with students coming out in flying colours in NET , SET and other competitive examinations.